World wellbeing

The Vulnerable Humanitarian

This week we have a piece from one of our fantastic facilitators Gemma Houldey. Gemma has written a book about how to remain well and resilient within the humanitarian/charity sector. If you’re wanting to learn more about making your organisation and the sector more resilient and well, I’d highly recommend getting a …

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Sparks of happiness

I’ve been beating myself up lately for not being happy all the time. I’ve been fighting any none happy feelings that have been coming up. And they have of course been coming up; frustration, anger, annoyance, confusion, sadness, lethargy. They’ve been coming up because I’m human, and stuff happens that makes you …

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Everything is Good and Bad

I have been contemplating the idea that everything is both good and bad for some time. At first, the idea felt a bit weird and alien. Surely there is a way to achieve the perfect home, perfect work, perfect income, perfect social life and perfect family situation, and when we arrive there that perfection remains constant …

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Self-growth resource list

A Bunch of Resilience Resources

We’ve been delivering so many webinars lately and compiling a robust list of resources for attendees that I thought I’d share the list with our lovely Bird readers too. So please take a look below to see if any jump out as helpful resources for you. Resilience resources Dr Brené Brown’s first …

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A couple of articles on grief

This week has been a strange one for me. I’ve experienced a bit of a change in circumstance which has involved some loss. It’s been uniquely hard, given that it has taken place within this bizarre pandemic. That emotional rollercoaster has been particularly dramatic for me over the past seven days. I …

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Still I Rise

For today’s blog I wanted to share a poem, I tapped ‘poems on resilience’ into google for some inspiration, and immediately my eyes were drawn to an incredible piece that I’d been introduced to back when I was working in the not-for-profit sector. We had been pulling together resources to inspire women …

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