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Being a Container

I’ve been getting more and more into mindfulness and meditation lately. I’ve been listening to the Waking Up app, and have been getting more invested in the idea that we are not our thoughts and feelings, we are merely a container for them. When we feel stressed, or down, or get stuck in …

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The Power of Dynamic Relationships

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a powerful relationship. And by relationship I mean any kind of relationship – friendships, work colleagues, family, partnership. I’ve been thinking about what happens within a relationship when people don’t fully say how they feel or what they think. Gabor Maté says ‘trauma …

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The Importance of Creativity

I’ve spoken to a number of people recently about how much they value creativity. As I’ve listened to them explain what that looks like for them, I’ve noticed a feeling of wonder, calm, and inspiration. I’ve noticed myself, during such interactions, vowing to do more creative things as well.  Only the other …

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