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Creating Anchors

When we coach clients we work with them to access perspectives that feel empowering and useful. For example, a client may be having struggles with a particular relationship with a colleague at work. We’d invite the client to share what’s currently coming up for them in that dynamic, what emotions and thoughts …

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Rest is a Basic Need

I came across this quote recently: ‘I had a therapist who once told me “If you don’t schedule a break, your body will take one for you. And it probably won’t be a convenient time.”’ Sara Shonfeld It resonated, and reminded me of Dr Brené Brown’s concept of ‘stockpiling’ and Gabor Maté’s book ‘When the …

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Two Small Things

There have been two small things lately that have helped me to feel calmer and better equipped to navigate the world around me. The first has been been turning off the tv in favour of reading a book. Over the past couple of years I definitely explored the depths of Netflix, Apple …

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Future Proofing

A lightbulb has turned on for me recently about the future. I, like most of us, mostly think about the choices I am making now in relation to how they’ll make me feel in future. ‘I should buy a house here because it will mean in 20 years I will have security’, …

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Circuit Breakers

I have just returned from a five week break. I went to Nepal with my partner, and it was a very interesting, enjoyable and challenging-in-parts experience. We did a 10 day silent meditation retreat which I am sure I will share learnings from as time goes on (it was possibly the hardest …

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Put Up One Picture

We’ve been having a few conversations here at Bird HQ about momentum. We’ve been sharing how it’s hard to keep motivated and moving forward particularly when the future can feel a bit rocky and uncertain.  This lack of motivation can impact the bigger steps forward we might want to make in life …

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