Resilience building

Are your emotions my responsibility?

For some reason, I’ve held a belief for years that I am responsible for other peoples emotions. I have been called a ‘charmer’ in the past because I have developed an ability to decipher where someone is at emotionally, and then respond and react in ways that help them to relax and …

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To fail is to be truly alive

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve failed at things. Jobs coming to an end in disappointing burnt out ways, multiple challenges around cash flow and finances, things braking, fall outs, almost-won but then not won pieces of work, failed attempts to get really fit and healthy… The list goes …

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Two Small Things

There have been two small things lately that have helped me to feel calmer and better equipped to navigate the world around me. The first has been been turning off the tv in favour of reading a book. Over the past couple of years I definitely explored the depths of Netflix, Apple …

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