Gaining energy

Are your emotions my responsibility?

For some reason, I’ve held a belief for years that I am responsible for other peoples emotions. I have been called a ‘charmer’ in the past because I have developed an ability to decipher where someone is at emotionally, and then respond and react in ways that help them to relax and …

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Put Up One Picture

We’ve been having a few conversations here at Bird HQ about momentum. We’ve been sharing how it’s hard to keep motivated and moving forward particularly when the future can feel a bit rocky and uncertain.  This lack of motivation can impact the bigger steps forward we might want to make in life …

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Time for Change?

I’ve been speaking with lots of people lately who feel a little unmotivated, coupled with a sprinkle of restlessness and a desire for change. It does feel like things have been paused somewhat for quite some time for so many of us, so I think it’s inevitable that we might want to …

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A New Start

Well it’s September, how did that happen? I know it’s clichéd, but I am honestly not convinced it should be September, I think someone got it wrong somewhere, a part of me is still in the mood for care free summer times.  However, as I pulled an autumnal jumper out of my …

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Taking Action Towards

H I’ve been thinking lately about decision-making. When we live in a world full of options and opportunities, it can cause overwhelm when we try to figure out what the next best thing is. It can be easy too, when we’re sat in anxiety that has seemingly come from nowhere, to be …

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