Personal awareness

Are your emotions my responsibility?

For some reason, I’ve held a belief for years that I am responsible for other peoples emotions. I have been called a ‘charmer’ in the past because I have developed an ability to decipher where someone is at emotionally, and then respond and react in ways that help them to relax and …

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The bit before you fly

I’ve been thinking a lot about authenticity lately. How it’s easy to lean into situations and relationships that offer some kind of security, but only as long as we leave a proportion of ourselves at the door. How there are multiple opportunities for us to sacrifice our authenticity in order to feel …

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One thing at a time

I’ve been back in the land of Bird for four weeks now, and I’ve noticed a few things about the way I work. Historically, I have taken a ‘breathing is optional’ approach to work, jumping from one thing to another, trying to action multiple tasks at once, and work reactively. For many …

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Creating Anchors

When we coach clients we work with them to access perspectives that feel empowering and useful. For example, a client may be having struggles with a particular relationship with a colleague at work. We’d invite the client to share what’s currently coming up for them in that dynamic, what emotions and thoughts …

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