Bird’s one-to-one resilience coaching

A safe space to make positive change.

At Bird we know how tough – and how wonderful – our sector is. We give a lot, don’t we? But how good are we at looking after ourselves? Unless we do that, we can’t do our best work.

One-to-one coaching from the Bird team gives you and your team members precious time to think and to change.

Our clients say it’s a huge relief to take time away from the pressures of their jobs. They tell us it’s wonderful to work with people who really understand what they’re going through.

Best of all, Bird’s coaches help you to make positive changes, to feel better, find your balance, and do great work again.

“When I was offered the resilience coaching through my role as Accommodations Manager I was not prepared for the journey I was about to be taken on by Zelah my coach at Bird. I can only describe the experience as life changing and empowering. I learned so much about myself and learned some tools to work through my self-doubt and the guilt I put myself through. I have learned how to deal with stressful situations and my outlook on life has become so positive in situations I may not have considered were possible.”

Sharon, Accommodations Manager, Key Project

Who is Bird’s coaching for?

Bird’s coaching is for everyone: CEOs, managers, even whole teams.

We love Bird coaching, because we’ve benefitted from personal coaching ourselves. We’ve worked under pressure in the non-profit sector, so we know how hard it is to see straight and make good decisions when the emotional and physical demands of the job are too much. And our own experience shows us that coaching transformed our wellbeing and guided us to doing our best work.

Our clients love Bird coaching, because it transforms their lives. Whether you’re a CEO needing to make stronger relationships with your board members, a Senior Leadership Team swamped with demands on your time, or your staff members are working flat out and on the verge of burnout, Bird’s specialist coaching is for you and your organisation.

Don’t keep it to yourself: our coaching can be even more effective when we work one-to-one with multiple members of a team. Colleagues can discuss the learning between themselves, and together they can share it across the organisation. That’s powerful stuff.

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“Working with my coach at Bird has been life-changing.  My coach helped me recognise the unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that were holding me back and stopping me from making decisions. Thanks to my coach at Bird, I have been able to set a clear vision for how I would like my work and life to be and to take positive steps to make it happen. Coaching has shown me that I am in control of what I think and do and has empowered me to be back in control of my life.”

Senior manager at Central London Charity

What’s involved in Bird’s resilience coaching?

Confidence, resilience and energy

By the end of your coaching process you’ll have a greater awareness of the triggers that cause you difficulties in your life, and a toolbox of strategies you can use to work through such difficulties.

You’ll feel self-reliant, confident and resilient. You’ll have more energy to continue doing the great work you are doing and can put clear boundaries in place between work and home to ensure you have plenty of time to rest and repair outside the workplace.

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“Working with my coach at Bird has been a deeply spiritual and contemplative experience and unlike anything I have experienced before. Over the past months I have learnt to understand myself in a much more profound way and uncovered a deep reservoir of internal courage and knowledge.  There were moments that gave me goose bumps when my coach could picture how I was standing, even what I was thinking before the words came out of my mouth. She provided a place of safety and rest and I have left her a stronger, wiser woman.”

Lauren, CEO Kidscape

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