Changing habits

The bit before you fly

I’ve been thinking a lot about authenticity lately. How it’s easy to lean into situations and relationships that offer some kind of security, but only as long as we leave a proportion of ourselves at the door. How there are multiple opportunities for us to sacrifice our authenticity in order to feel …

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One thing at a time

I’ve been back in the land of Bird for four weeks now, and I’ve noticed a few things about the way I work. Historically, I have taken a ‘breathing is optional’ approach to work, jumping from one thing to another, trying to action multiple tasks at once, and work reactively. For many …

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Two Small Things

There have been two small things lately that have helped me to feel calmer and better equipped to navigate the world around me. The first has been been turning off the tv in favour of reading a book. Over the past couple of years I definitely explored the depths of Netflix, Apple …

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Circuit Breakers

I have just returned from a five week break. I went to Nepal with my partner, and it was a very interesting, enjoyable and challenging-in-parts experience. We did a 10 day silent meditation retreat which I am sure I will share learnings from as time goes on (it was possibly the hardest …

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Put Up One Picture

We’ve been having a few conversations here at Bird HQ about momentum. We’ve been sharing how it’s hard to keep motivated and moving forward particularly when the future can feel a bit rocky and uncertain.  This lack of motivation can impact the bigger steps forward we might want to make in life …

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Word for the Year

I am no longer committing to lots of New Years resolutions. I am not convinced they work. I feel like often they end up being a bunch of expectations we hold for ourselves, that we don’t meet, and then beat ourselves up for not achieving.  Last year, I decided to hold a …

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