Life Purpose

Time for Change?

I’ve been speaking with lots of people lately who feel a little unmotivated, coupled with a sprinkle of restlessness and a desire for change. It does feel like things have been paused somewhat for quite some time for so many of us, so I think it’s inevitable that we might want to …

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Ikigai and the Blue Zones

I’ve been intermittently curious over the years in the idea of Blue Zones. They are the places in the world where people tend to live longer, healthier lives. There is a wealth of information exploring the reasons why the people in those regions are ‘humaning’ so successfully, and the findings tend to focus …

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Remembering the point

It’s very easy to forget ‘the point’ or ‘purpose’ when we’re super busy. We can come into a project with energy and vision, and over time lose sight of what that driving force was. Likewise it’s really common to be unsure of the point; to not really know how or why we arrived …

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If money was no object

Sometimes money – or the absence of it – limits our capacity to vision the future that we really want. If money was no object at all (if you didn’t need it, or it was always taken care of) what would you create in your life? Would it be a home? More breaks …

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Finding finding happiness exhausting?

The process of trying to feel fulfilled and joyful can be exhausting. We spend time exploring situation after situation, trying to find the places, people and projects that make us feel alive. It can erode at our resilience as we search to create the perfect set up for ourselves. However, there is …

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