Spiritual wellbeing

The bit before you fly

I’ve been thinking a lot about authenticity lately. How it’s easy to lean into situations and relationships that offer some kind of security, but only as long as we leave a proportion of ourselves at the door. How there are multiple opportunities for us to sacrifice our authenticity in order to feel …

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Being a Container

I’ve been getting more and more into mindfulness and meditation lately. I’ve been listening to the Waking Up app, and have been getting more invested in the idea that we are not our thoughts and feelings, we are merely a container for them. When we feel stressed, or down, or get stuck in …

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Taking a Pause

Courtesy of Bird coach and facilitator Michaela Horan CPCC, I have started reading Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach. So far it’s been an incredibly helpful read, with multiple resonant moments, and pointers to take forward.  One of the key learning points I’ve taken away so far is the idea of taking a pause. The …

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Small Joys

This week, our incredible coach and facilitator Elloa has written a piece for you. Enjoy… I’ve been thinking recently about small joys. Last September, I finally read Margaret Atwood’s stunning 1985 novel, The Handmaid’s Tale. If, like me, you’d somehow missed the book or TV series, it’s an exceptional piece of dystopian …

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