Creative expression

The Importance of Creativity

I’ve spoken to a number of people recently about how much they value creativity. As I’ve listened to them explain what that looks like for them, I’ve noticed a feeling of wonder, calm, and inspiration. I’ve noticed myself, during such interactions, vowing to do more creative things as well.  Only the other …

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The Artidote

As much as I try to stay away from social media, I do get drawn in, often ending up down the rabbit hole. Sometimes, however, I come across a post that is just beautiful, that actually lifts my spirits and helps me to remember I am not alone with my thoughts and …

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We are hiring!

During this very bizarre year Bird has been very busy supporting charities across the country with staff wellbeing and resilience. We’ve delivered coaching programmes on resilience to 131 clients working at all levels within organisations, and we’ve delivered 108 resilience webinars to over 1000 attendees. We are a team of 9 facilitators …

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Building Resilience with Laughter, Song and Dance

On our way to delivering some resilience workshops yesterday, Bird associate Elloa and I reflected on the extent of self-supporting resilience building strategies we actually have access to. Many of which are free and available to us at any moment. Our discussion reminded me of BrenĂ© Brown’s perspective, from her insightful book …

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Releasing your inner Madonna

It’s Madonna’s 60th birthday today, and I’ve been uplifted by listening to some of her classic hits this morning as I write to you. What I love about Madonna is that she has never been afraid of stepping into her expression and creativity. What I know from working with many caretakers (CEOs, …

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