Put Up One Picture

We’ve been having a few conversations here at Bird HQ about momentum. We’ve been sharing how it’s hard to keep motivated and moving forward particularly when the future can feel a bit rocky and uncertain. 

This lack of motivation can impact the bigger steps forward we might want to make in life and keep us stuck in spaces and places that don’t serve us. And it can also impact the smaller changes we want to make like going for an additional half hour walk a week, or hoovering the carpet. 

One thing we realised in our discussions however, was how positive an impact it can have when we do nudge ourselves to do those smaller tasks. I went and refilled my washing up liquid bottle at the refill shop yesterday and felt very accomplished, fellow Bird Elloa put up some pictures in her home and felt proud and creative and inspired, and fellow Bird Natalie has organised someone to fix the back gate and feels proactive and productive. 

Essentially, in doing those smaller tasks we all felt more motivated. Someone once said to me ‘how you do one thing is how you do everything’ so I think when we do take action or make change in any area, it can have a ripple effect into other areas in our lives.

With love as always, Hannah and Team Bird

Image by Jonny Caspari https://unsplash.com/@jonnysplsh

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