Two Small Things

There have been two small things lately that have helped me to feel calmer and better equipped to navigate the world around me.

The first has been been turning off the tv in favour of reading a book. Over the past couple of years I definitely explored the depths of Netflix, Apple TV and other such platforms as a way to numb out to the ongoing lockdown life around us. But recently, and thanks to my trip abroad that allowed more space for reading, I’ve re-found my love for novels. I had to push myself back into reading them, I had forgotten how much I enjoy the experience of reading, but once I’d nudged myself a few times, I realised the joy in getting lost in a story from a different time or in a different world. Ultimately reading calms my nervous system, it settles me, and I often learn something too. 

The other thing I’ve re-established is smoothie drinking in the morning. I realised I’d been leaning too heavily on ice cream and fizzy drinks lately. Again a bit like tv it has been a way to numb out, but by prioritising the green stuff in the morning I’ve noticed a greater amount of energy, and a kickstart for more healthy choices through the day.

Wellbeing and self-care isn’t just taken care of once we commit to things, we have to keep re-visiting, re-establishing supportive habits, letting go of old ones, and being compassionate to ourselves in the process. 

With love as always, Hannah and Team Bird

Photo by Matias North on Unsplash

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