The Bird Manifesto

We live and work in ways that feel both peaceful and energising. We feel called to support others and feel a sense of pride and achievement when we know we’ve guided someone through a challenging time.

We don’t break ourselves through our work.

We work to a point where we still have space, time and energy for creativity, connection with friends and family, time with nature. We don’t ascribe to the old-school 9 – 5, we design our own working weeks that pay attention to our various interests and wellbeing needs.

We know that working to the point of burn out is an archaic approach, that doesn’t serve us, and we are brave and empowered enough to do life our way.

We support each other to achieve this, we create organisations that honour and understand that the working world is changing, we create organisations that give people space to understand their inner world, so that they feel clear and energised to support others.

We work in community, and we lift each other up.

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